The intelligent putty can not only be shaped, depending on the force applied, it shows amazing properties:

  • It slowly dissolves if you leave it where it is.
  • she  stretches endlessly like chewing gum when you slowly pull them apart.
  • If you throw the putty on the floor or against the wall,  she jumps back like a rubber ball.
  • You can  Tear up with a jerk, almost like paper.
  • If the force is big enough, it can even get so hard  that it splintered.
  • It is neither sticky nor slimy and does not rub off on your hands when kneaded!
  • It is odorless!
  • It is not toxic!

Another big advantage: In contrast to other modeling clay  the intelligent modeling clay does not dry out  and can therefore be kept almost indefinitely!

Intelligent clay FLUFFY GREEN

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  • Fluffy green

    NEW from our secret laboratory:

    IntelliMass Fluffy It's fluffy, light and just amazingly good to the touch! When you squeeze it it becomes firm and can be shaped, when you pull it apart it becomes soft and airy, almost like cotton candy. Plus, it never dries out!