The intelligent putty can not only be shaped, depending on the force applied, it shows amazing properties:

  • It slowly dissolves if you leave it where it is.
  • she  stretches endlessly like chewing gum when you slowly pull them apart.
  • If you throw the putty on the floor or against the wall,  she jumps back like a rubber ball.
  • You can  Tear up with a jerk, almost like paper.
  • If the force is big enough, it can even get so hard  that it splintered.
  • It is neither sticky nor slimy and does not rub off on your hands when kneaded!
  • It is odorless!
  • It is not toxic!

Another big advantage: In contrast to other modeling clay  the intelligent modeling clay does not dry out  and can therefore be kept almost indefinitely!

Intelligent modeling clay NEON FLASH

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  • Neon flash

    Flash me ...

    This intelligent putty really flashes you at first sight. The extreme neon-orange has already failed, but that's not all, once your eyes have recovered from the first color shock, you can see a pink shimmer in the putty. This effect is very unusual and can hardly be described. Neon Flash is orange and yet pink breaks through again and again as a color, wherever the light breaks in the clay, it shimmers incredibly strongly in pink. This putty just puts you in a good mood!

    Of course, this putty also has all the basic properties:

    • It stretches like chewing gum
    • She bounces like a ball
    • It melts like porridge
    • It can be torn like paper