Audio figure for the Toniebox: The Star Man - songs and radio play for good night


The star man lives together with his dog Karlchen on a tiny planet. As soon as it gets dark, the star man lights up the stars and distributes them in the evening sky. But one evening he notices that the smallest star is missing. Concerned, the star man goes on a search ...

A heart-warming and imaginative bedtime story that shines as brightly as the starry sky and shows: Even the smallest ones have their place and are at least as important as the really big ones.


Title List:

01 - 04 - The Star Man (radio play)

05 - Good night

06 - The coolest guy

07 - The farm

08 - Little tiger

09 - sleep, sleep, sleep

10 - D-Jam

11 - The Star Man


Age: from 3 years

Running time: approx. 45 minutes

Tonies® Der Sternenmann - songs and radio play for good night

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