Audio figure for the Toniebox: Disney - Die Monster AG


For the first time it will reveal what monsters really are like. And it's hard to believe: There are fearful rabbits and daredevils, bowls and nerds, sensitive and clever people. The absolute superstars in the monster world are the huge, good-natured Sulley and his cheeky, bell-eyed assistant Mike. But one day something happened that never really should have happened: a human child has entered the monster world. Immediately everything is completely out of joint there, because children are considered highly toxic in the monster world! Only Sulley closes the little boo in his big heart and does everything to bring her back to her nursery. But it's not that easy, and Sulley, Mike and Boo stumble from one hilarious chaos to the next ...


Age: from 4  years

Duration: approx. 59  Minutes

Tonies® Disney - Die Monster AG

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