Audio figure for the Toniebox: Fireman Sam - Something is going on in Pontypandy


Things are going well in Pontypandy and Sam is always rushing to the rescue!


The fun day with the twins Sarah and James turns out to be a dangerous competition between Chief Fireman Steele and Gareth, their grandfather. The two compete to see who can give the twins the better leisure program. A brief inattention is enough and your boat swims straight towards a waterfall. It's also going to be a hot day for Hannah and Joe, who are stuck up on the cliff at a deranged barbecue and Mandy decides to give their garden a makeover. There is also a pet show in Pontypandy where the animals show their best behavior and Norman is unpacking his old tricks because he is determined to win this year's cheese competition.


Age: from 3 years

Running time: approx. 60 minutes

Tonies® Fireman Sam - Something is going on in Pontypandy

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