Audio figure for the Toniebox: Heidi - friends forever


The story: Heidi lives with her grandfather in the mountains. She loves life high up on the alpine pastures, the animals, her friend Peter and her grandfather, the Alm-Öhi. Every day outside in nature harbors new adventures. A little bird is seriously injured and Heidi wants to nurse it back to health. Peter's blind grandmother tells her which herbs to pick and Peter helps her find it. Peter is followed by three children from the village. They know he has a secret hiding place in the forest. Heidi helps her boyfriend to shake off the pursuers. She is the only one who is allowed to see the wonderful tree house that Peter built. Up there, the two swear an eternal friendship. And there she hides when the teacher stands in front of the door of Alm-Öhi to bring Heidi to school ...


Age: from 3 years

Running time: approx. 63 minutes

Tonies® Heidi - friends forever

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