Favorite masterpieces - The Nutcracker - Peter Tchaikovsky


On Christmas Eve, Clara receives a nutcracker from her godfather Drosselmeyer. During the night she has a strange dream: The nutcracker is fighting with his toy soldiers against the army of the Mouse King. Clara helps him, whereupon the nutcracker turns into a prince. Together they travel to the realm of sweets. You get caught in a snow storm and land in Zuckerburg Castle. There the sugar fairy celebrates a wonderfully sweet feast for Clara, who has redeemed the prince. It's a shame that this was all just a dream - or was it?


Title List:

01 - On Christmas Eve with the Silberhaus family

02 - Drosselmeier's Christmas presents

03 - The battle of the mice and soldiers

04 - Clara and Prince Nutcracker in the winter forest

05 - A festival in the jam castle. The sweetest dances in the world. Sugar fairy and syrup prince.

06 - Clara's dream of adulthood


Age: from 5 years

Running time: approx. 49 minutes

Tonies® favorite masterpieces - The Nutcracker

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