Audio figure for the Toniebox: Miffy - Miffy


The cute rabbit Miffy lives in a small house with red shutters and a red roof, which is surrounded by green meadows. Miffy is adventurous and likes to try new things - preferably with her best friends Melanie, Grunty, Dan or Schnuffi the dog.


In 10 small and big adventures of everyday life, Miffy and her friends learn to cope with difficult or previously unknown situations.


Title List:

01 - Miffy Song

02 - Miffy and the puddles

03 - Miffy and the dragon

04 - Miffy and the bird

05 - Miffy, the farmer's wife

06 - Miffy and the tennis game

07 - Miffy, the fairy

08 - Grunty, the ballerina

09 - Miffy and the leaves

10 - Miffy's tent adventure

11 - Miffy's handcart


Age: from 3 years

Running time: approx. 70 minutes

Tonies® Miffy - Miffy

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