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Tatütata - the police are here! In this radio play, the little ones get to know the diverse tasks of the law enforcement officers in a playful way: They dress up as policemen, discover police vehicles, memorize traffic rules with funny rhymes, sing with the traffic light men, reveal the secret of fingerprints and bark with Harro, the police dog to bet.

Age-appropriate questions and answers, authentic noises, lots of hands-on activities and music make up the series Why? Why? Why? junior to a listening experience for the little ones.


Title List:

01 - my little why? Why? Why? - song (intro)

02 - 03 - What do the police need the blue light for?

04 - 05 - What happens at the police station?

06 - 07 - What clothes do police officers wear?

08 - 09 - Which vehicles do the police need?

10 - What happens in the event of an accident?

11 - Song: Tatutata song

12 - What do the police do in kindergarten?

13 - Song of the Ampelmännchen

14 - What are police dogs for?

15 - Song: Harro, the police dog

16 - 17 - How do the police catch the thief?

18 - 19 - Why do the police check vehicles?

20 - What must a police officer be able to do?

21 - My little why? Why? Why? -Song (extro)


Age: from 3  years

Duration: approx. 32  Minutes

Tonies® Why Why Why Junior - The Police

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