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Miles Racing disc brake pads for Shimano Deore, Saint, XT, XTR, SLX, Zee - semi-metallic


This brake pad is compatible with the following brake systems




  • Shimano new Saint from 2009 BR-M810
  • Zee BR-M640
  • BR-MT520
  • Deore BR-MT420
  • Deore BR-MT6120
  • Saint BR-M810
  • Saint BR-M820
  • SLX BR-M7120
  • XT BR-M8020
  • XT BR-M8120
  • XTR BR-M9120




  • Auriga Twin + HD-E745
  • Dorado 4P | HD-E720
  • Dorado 4P | HD-E725
  • Orion 4Px2P (front) | HD-M735
  • Orion | HD-M745
  • Orion | HD-M750




  • Quadiem
  • Quadiem SL
  • Slate T4


ATTENTION: Pad screw not included in the set. The picture shows all the components included in the set.


Semi-metallic brake pads

This type of disc brake pads are an ideal all-round solution at a fair price.

They work in all weather conditions. The increased iron and copper content optimizes the heat resistance and extends the service life compared to purely organic coverings. Semi-metallic disc brake pads have a wide range of uses and are suitable for e-bike, cross country, marathon and urban use, but also for enduro, freeride and downhill rides where you don't have to hold the brakes for too long can be grinded and therefore there is no maximum heat development.


- Longer service life thanks to Kevlar additives
- Optimized temperature resistance thanks to the increased metal content
- For all weather conditions
- High braking power
- Very good price-performance ratio


Service tip: properly grind in sintered brake pads. You can find the instructions on every brake pad packaging.


Nature is important to Miles Racing . The pads are not produced in China and production takes place under strict environmental regulations .

Miles Racing is a German brand.


Scope of delivery:

1 pair of brake pads


Miles Racing disc brake pads Shimano Deore, Saint, XT, XTR, SLX, Zee

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